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Walks start at 10am except where noted. 
Summer evening walks start at 7pm.

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Summer evening walks.

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Recorded track length
?PE Pre-walk estimate
Total height gain during walk

Advance information and/or event report

No dogs, except registered assistance animals, are allowed on any walk.  To avoid inconvenience, anyone planning to bring an assistance dog is advised to call the walk leader in advance. 
The dog owner may be requested to walk isolated from the party if cattle are encountered.

Date Start location Miles Notes Leader   Pics Walkers
7 Sunday SE878 439 Towthorpe Corner layby A614 8.6 miles
Yorkshire Wolds W Dosdale   21
10 Wednesday SE976 839 Hutton Buscel layby, A170 4-5 ?PE   M&S Hunter   9
14 Sunday SE649 845 Beadlam, layby W of village 9.9 miles
Ryedale and the moors P Trafford   21
21 Sunday NZ857 086 Aislaby 9 miles
I R Clutson   4
27 Saturday 2-4pm Area AGM (11am 5-6 mile walk from hall)   Newport Village Hall, 60 Main Road. HU15 2PP        
27 Saturday Evening meal   Pomodora, Newborough, Scarborough Email organiser      
28 Sunday TA 010 941 Station Road, Cloughton 8.5 miles
4 Sunday SE835 567 Wayrham picnic site, A166 W of Fridaythorpe 9 miles
Yorkshire Wolds A Wrightson   30
4 Sunday SE953 996 Helwath Bridge 6.5 miles
  J Trafford   7
11 Sunday SE705 904 Hutton-le-Hole CP 8.9 miles
North York Moors R Johnson   18
14 Wednesday     Work party        
18 Sunday SE985 871 Forge Valley, Old Man's Mouth CP 10 Ancient woods in national reserve P Trafford      
25 Sunday NZ804 053 Egton station CP 9 Moors and valleys J Trafford      
4 Sunday SE930 007 Old rd behind Flask Inn, A171 7m N of Cloughton 10 North York Moors G Malcolm     
10 Saturday Evening meal   Rice and Spice, 2 Pavilion Terrace, Scarborough Email organiser      
11 Sunday SE967 900 Hackness VH CP 10 North York Moors M Lake      
14 Wednesday     Work party        
18 Sunday SE744 856 Sinnington Main St 10 Farmland and Romans J Trafford      
25 Sunday SE 868 502 Warter CP 9 Yorkshire Wolds W Dosdale      
14 Wednesday     Work party        
21 Saturday Evening meal   Three Jolly Sailors, Burniston Email organiser      
14 Wednesday     Work party        
2 Saturday Evening meal   Cafe Fish, York Place, Scarborough Email organiser      
14 Wednesday     Work party        
14 Wednesday     Work party        
14 Saturday Evening meal   Clarke's, 49 Queen Street, Scarborough Email organiser      
14 Wednesday     Work party        
8 Saturday Evening meal   Gianni's, 13 Victoria Road, Scarborough Email organiser      
14 Wednesday     Work party        
14 Wednesday     Work party        
20 Saturday Evening meal   Saba, 10 St Thomas Street, Scarborough Email organiser      
14 Wednesday     Work party        
1 Saturday Evening meal   Downe Arms, Main Street, Wykeham (suggested) Email organiser      
WALK LEADERS: Download your checklist here.

SHORTENED WALK OPTIONS: The Rambles Organiser has advised that an optional shortened version of a walk can be offered when:

1. The route is a figure-of-8, with the whole group returning to the start at the end of the shorter option, then the longer walkers continuing along a second loop OR
2. A second leader is appointed IN ADVANCE to lead the shorter option. Ideally, the second leader will have recced the route, but this may not be necessary if the leader is experienced and/or is familiar with the location and/or the route back to the start is very straightforward.